Why Dollar-Cost Averaging Into $HODL Is ​​the Best Strategy To Become A Millionaire

The Dollar Cost Average strategy is when you divide cash holdings into 12 equal parts and buy HODL Games ($HODL) with each part every month. In other words, you purchase more HODL Games ($HODL) when its prices decline and less of the same asset when its prices rise.

About HODL Games

HODL Games is the developer behind social play-to-earn games Gangsters.com, Coinleone.com and Daddy69.com. All titles use the $hodl cryptocurrency.

Daddy69.com — Play2Earn Game

$HODL has been incorporated into the games in a very clever way. On the one hand you can earn free tokens by playing and completing assignments, on the other hand $hodl is being used to, for example, purchase premium memberships, remove advertisements, and much more like that.

On these games it is also possible to buy in-game items with other popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, XRP, etc. The profits from these purchases will be used by the HODL Games company for $hodl buy backs.

Ultimately, this will result in the value of $hodl increasing exponentially in the coming years. It is therefore smart to invest a small amount of money in this token every month.



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