How To Buy HODL Games token ($HODL) on Flooz.Trade

HODL Games token $HODL is now listed on Flooz.Trade! You can now swap your tokens on Flooz for $HODL.

On Flooz.Trade you only have to connect your wallet and you can swap your tokens. You don’t have to indicate the slippage because Flooz.Trade does this for you automatically. This is super handy!

Swap $HODL on Flooz.Trade

Earn Free $HODL Tokens

On Flooz.Trade you can earn free $HODL tokens! This is truly amazing. How? Just head over to Flooz.Trade, connect your wallet and grab your referral URL.

1. Generate your referral link
2. Invite your friends to trade
3. Get 0.1% of any trade for life!

👉 Click here to trade $HODL on Flooz



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