HODL Update — 05/2022

Hello HODLers 👋, another month, another update. We made fantastic progress last month! And we have a very important announcement.

HODL Inc. Rebrands to HODL Games

We’ll start with sharing the most important news that we have to share! In the coming months we will be rebranding our company name to HODL Games, we have decided to do this because our core focus is, and always will be online games.

Our token and tokenomics will stay the same, no changes there. We will release a new version of our whitepaper and website later this year.

Update about EarnYourCrypto.com

The EarnYourCrypto platform has soared in the past month. Thousands of new users have joined and in total we have already paid out more than $5,000 to users.

Unfortunately, we are dealing with many users who intentionally break the rules (false referrals, multiple accounts, cheating). In the coming month we will take more measures against these types of users.

HODL Games token

The HODL Games token is up more than 25% last month. It is of course positive to see that we have an upward trend, but we expect that we will only increase significantly after the roll-out of our international play-to-earn games.




Welcome to the official blog of HODL Games®

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HODL Games

HODL Games

Welcome to the official blog of HODL Games®

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