HODL Update — 04/2022

Hey Hodlers, another month, another update 😉

We don’t have anything spectacular to report at the moment because we are mainly working on the development of 3 play-to-earn games: Gangsters.com, Daddy69.com and Coinleone.com. And of course, we have just released the first version of EarnYourCrypto.com.

HODL Discord: New Server

We’ve created a new Discord server, users can join via this link.

Please note that this server is still in development and our focus will 100% on the HODL Games token. On this server we will share developments, help people with their HODL Games token questions, and be available for investor inquiries.

HODL Product Update: EarnYourCrypto.com


The EarnYourCrypto platform is starting to take shape. We receive a lot of positive feedback, and some constructive criticism here and there.

We are extremely grateful to the users who are currently testing and promoting the platform, we will be adding new features this month, including cloud mining.

There are already more than 2500 registrations for EarnYourCrypto.com, we are very happy with this and are curious how quickly we can grow further in the future.

HODL Product Update: BOEF Steenrijk

BOEF Steenrijk Play-to-earn Game

We have released our first game where users can earn HODL Games tokens by playing the game and inviting other users. It is a simple concept, a simple proof-of-concept, and so far the first reactions have been very good.

In the near future we will fine-tune this game and further integrate HODL Games token into the game.

BOEF: Steenrijk is available for iOS, Android & Web. It is developed for the Dutch-speaking market.

HODL Games Price

The price of HODL Games has remained fairly stable for the past month. We expect this to continue for a while, besides. This is of course an ideal time to invest or to increase your share. The expectation is that once we roll out the token even further in our ecosystem, the price will increase enormously.

HODL Games token

👉 Click here to buy HODL Games tokens



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