HODL Update — 03/2022

Hey HODLers,

Welcome to HODL’s report for March 2022. We certainly didn’t sit still last month 😉 . Among other things, we have listed our token on a new exchange, launched the EarnYourCrypto platform and much more things!

HODL Inc. — Update 03/2022

HODL Games: Price Drop 📉

HODL Games has had to deal with a significant price drop last month. This has a logical explanation. Tokens collected from the Liquidity fee are stored in the contract address. Once the threshold number of 50,000 tokens was met, a swap would occur for the purpose of funding Pancakeswap liquidity.

Because the liquidity pool was very small on Pancakeswap, this caused the price to drop significantly. We have therefore disabled this auto-swap functionality to prevent this from happening in the future.

More PancakeSwap Pools 🏦

HODL Games token can now also be purchased with the stablecoin BUSD and USDT on Pancakeswap.

HODL Inc. will regularly buy HODL Games tokens and replenish the liquidity pools on Pancakeswap, this ensures long-term growth in a healthy way.

We believe that great things take time to build and that success will require long-term commitment from our team and community.

New Exchange Listing: Coinsbit.io 📈

HODL x Coinsbit

HODL Games can also be traded on the Coinsbit Exchange since last month. Our trading pair is HODL/USDT.

👉 Click here for an overview of where you can trade HODL Games👈

HODL Website: More Languages 🌎

Last month, the HODL website was translated into a number of new languages: Indonesian, Filipino and Arabic. Our website is now available in English, Dutch, Spanish, Arabic, Filipino and Indonesian.

Discord update: $HODL Price

Good news for our Discord users! From now on you can view the price of $HODL in the Discord server, the price is now visible in the menu.

Come join us on our Discord server, join the HODL community!

HODL: Team Update

We have an important change within our team, our CMO “Bitlord” now has the position “COO”. This position is a better fit for his current activities.

At the moment Bitlord is still involved in our international marketing activities, but we can make better use of his talent in the future as COO.

We also have a new project manager: Cyber Ninja! He will manage EarnYourCrypto.com on a daily basis.

Cyber Ninja @ HODL Inc.

HODL Shop: Temporarily offline 👕

We have closed the HODL merchandise store (hodl.shop). The HODL Shop will come back some day, it will then be possible to buy products with hodl tokens. If you would still like to buy a HODL shirt, hoodie or cap, please contact us via customer service.

EarnYourCrypto.com is LIVE: Earn $HODL 💸

At the beginning of this year, we acquired the EarnYourCrypto.com platform. We are proud to announce that the platform is opening this week in a test version. The platform now uses our HODL Games currency.

At the moment we offer a number of ways to earn money, mainly by watching advertisements, inviting other people, or playing small mini-games.

EarnYourCrypto.com’s beta version will be available for up to 1,000 users to test the platform in the first days after we’ve relaunched.

👉 Sign up for EarnYourCrypto.com for FREE ($5 signup bonus) 👈



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