HODL Update — 01/2022

Hey HODLers,

Welcome to HODL’s first report. Every month we update our users on important developments at HODL. Let’s dive right into an important acquisition that took place last month.

HODL Games Has Acquired Gangsters.com

HODL Games has made a significant investment in a domain name. We’ve acquired the premium domain name Gangsters.com.

We will make Gangsters.com an international crime game similar to BOEF.nl, it will be playable in English language, on iOS, Android and Web. We expect to roll out the first test version of this game next quarter.

Gangsters.com — by HODL Games

Read more about this news on MarketWatch.

HODL Games Has Acquired EarnYourCrypto.com

Based on blockchain technology, EarnYourCrypto.com rewards users with digital currency when they complete certain tasks, like visiting websites, watching videos, and downloading apps. Thanks to its blockchain infrastructure, the platform is open to people all across the world- including those who don’t even have bank accounts.

The platform’s native token will be changed to $HODL. This implementation will be carried out later this month. As a result, the number of token holders of HODL Games will increase structurally.

Read more about this news on MarketWatch.

New Team Members

In January we managed to expand our team with 2 extra people. We have added a Community Manager and a Security Analyst to our team. HODL currently employs 7 people. We expect this number to increase in the coming months.

You can view our website for our current team and job opportunities.

First CEX Listing (Tokpie.com) 🎉

Tokpie.com X HODL Games ($HODL)

HODL Games token has been listed on Tokpie.com, a cryptocurrency exchange. This is our first CEX listing so we are super proud about it. You can read more about how to trade $HODL on Tokpie here.

Other Milestones Completed In Jan. 2022

- HODL Games-token was listed on Flooz.Trade
- Launched Merchandise shop: https://hodl.shop
- HODL Games was listed at coin voting sites (CoinSniper, CoinHunt, GemFinder)
- Official website now also available in Dutch language
- Token Price is now visible on our website https://hodl.inc
- Created more content on hodl.medium.com
- Launched https://legal.hodl.inc/ (Company Info & Legal Docs)
- Created “Buy token” page: https://hodl.inc/buy-hodl
- Acquired HODL European trademark + Amazon Brand Registry (reg. no 17875035)
- Registering HODL Games as a European trademark (reg. no 018640703, in progress)
- Started Advertising Campaigns on A-Ads.com, BitMedia.io & CoinZilla.com

- +2000 token holders, +6000 transactions
- Growth on Social Media (Discord, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, Facebook, Telegram, TikTok)
- 25.000 registered members on our game title BOEF.nl

Product Development
- 3 Play-To-Earn games in development: (Gangsters.com, Coinleone.com, Daddy69.com)
- 1 Earning Website acquired, currently working on new version: EarnYourCrypto.com

Behind the scenes we are continuously working on the HODL ecosystem. If you have any questions, you can always reach our team via our Discord server, where we will answer questions.



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