HODL Inc. Acquires EarnYourCrypto.com

As of today, EarnYourCrypto.com is being acquired by HODL Inc. The EarnYourCrypto.com product is going to get bigger and better as a consequence of this deal.

HODL Inc. Acquires EarnYourCrypto.com

EarnYourCrypto.com at a glance

EarnYourCrypto.com allows users to earn digital currency for completing simple tasks such as watching videos, visiting websites or downloading apps.

The blockchain is a fundamental enabling technology for EarnYourCrypto.com, because it allows us to accommodate users anywhere in the world. In particular, we can effectively compensate a user in any country with a small amount of money for completing a simple task, even if they lack a bank account.

For existing EarnYourCrypto.com users

If you’re an existing EarnYourCrypto.com user, in the coming weeks we will focus on integrating with HODL’s infrastructure and scaling up our service. You might be able to guess what this will enable, but stay tuned anyway as you might be surprised!

If we’re successful in our long-term goals, we will be able to turn the billions of smartphones worldwide into a new source of work. Thanks to the blockchain, anywhere there’s a phone, there’s a job. We think that’s an exciting vision and we’re going to work hard on achieving that at HODL!

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