HODL Games Update — 10/2022

What took place in October and why it was so important for “hodlers” such as yourself? Read on and find out! 😎 We’ve got good news.. and some bad news.. 😮

HODL Games — Monthly Update

Bad news! Or is it? 🤔

HODL Games has decided to postpone the release of the international play-to-earn web3 games. We just need more time to launch this successfully. We’ll probably have more visibility on release dates next month.

Top G Game — Gangsters.com — Coming Soon

HODL Games ($HODL) Price = UP 📈

Today’s HODL Games price is $0.088219, which is up 6% over the last 30 days.

$HODL Price on Nomics.com

The $HODL price is currently very stable. This is of course a good sign. Click here to buy $HODL on Pancakeswap.

🎃 HODLWEEN Event at Bulletstar Classic

HODLWEEN at Bulletstar Classic (27–31 Oct) — HODL Games

On Dutch play-to-earn game Bulletstar Classic, game moderators held a HODLWEEN event. During this event, players were able to find free diamonds in the game! There were also Halloween-style crimes. The players really liked this! 🎃

Roadmap & White Paper Update

We’ve released a roadmap update and several updates in our white paper, we recommend to take a look!

👉 https://whitepaper.hodl.games/

HODL Mining: Sneak Peak! 😮

This month we will release a first version of HODL Mining. This is a web-based miner that anyone can use to earn tokens, the more people visit your $hodl mining page, the more tokens you will earn.

Sneak Peak of HODL Games ($HODL) Mining 👨‍🍳

This way of ‘mining’ does not harm your phone or computer, it is mainly a goal to promote the games of HODL Games in a fun, innovative way.

NEW: HODL Crypto Ranks

We have come up with 12 HODL Crypto Ranks based on the value of a player’s token balance. This form of gamification will eventually have a positive impact on the $HODL price.

Nobody $0
🦐 Shrimp $1–5
🦀 Crab $5 > $25
🐟 Fish $25 > $100
🐙 Octopus $100 > $500
🐬 Dolphin $500 > $2.500
🦈 Shark $2.500 > $5.000
🐋 Whale $5.000 > $10.000
🐳 Humpback Whale $10.000 > $25.000
☄️ Space Whale $25.000 > $100.000
🧑🏽‍🚀 Elon Musk $100.000 > $250.000
🥷 HODL Whale $250.000+

HODL Games ($HODL) = THE NEXT 1000X? 🚀

Mr. HODL, the founder and CEO of HODL Games expects $HODL to increase in value more than 1000 times in the coming years. What is your prediction? 🔮 Let us know on Twitter!

FUN FACT: Mr. HODL and Bitlord are twin brothers 👨

PSA: This is not financial advice. Please do your own research.

Join the HODL Games Community Discord server! 💬

Connect with the HODL Games community on Discord: https://discord.com/invite/n9dumTaxQT and follow our Twitter account!

Learn more about us and our plans at our white paper and don’t forget to follow HODL Games everywhere on socials 😉

👉 https://hodl.bio



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