HODL Games Update — 09/2022

What took place in September and why it was so important for “hodlers” such as yourself? Read on and find out! 😎 Global inflation is going through the roof, just like the price of $HODL! 🚀

$HODL Will Be Delisted On Tokpie & Coinsbit

We have decided to remove our token from the Tokpie and Coinsbit exchange. After a few months, we don’t really see any benefits on these exchanges, it only gives our team extra work.

We will announce via Twitter when the delisting takes place on these exchanges. It is advisable to withdraw your tokens from these exchanges as soon as possible, we recommend to store your tokens in a wallet such as TrustWallet or MetaMask.

Bulletstar Classic $HODL Integration Update

It is now possible for Bulletstar Classic players to transfer their tokens to external wallets. Later this month we will activate the in-game shop, allowing them to buy in-game items with $HODL.

Bulletstar Classic

HODL Games ($HODL) Price Update

You’d have $1,619 if you invested $1,000 in HODL Games ($HODL) on 25/09/2022.


Source: https://nomics.com/assets/hodl9-hodl-games?amount=1000&end=1664629027050&out=USD&start=1664056800000&view=roi#details

Coming Soon: $HODL Mining

Later this month we will release the first test version of HODL Mining, this will allow users of EarnYourCrypto.com to mine our token directly from their internet browser.

Join the HODL Games Community Discord server! 💬

Connect with the HODL Games community on Discord: https://discord.com/invite/n9dumTaxQT and follow our Twitter account!

Learn more about us and our plans at our white paper and don’t forget to follow HODL Games everywhere on socials 😉

👉 https://linktr.ee/hodlgames



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