HODL Games Update — 07/2022

July was another month full of developments at HODL Games! 😎 What took place and why it was so important for “hodlers” such as yourself? Read on and find out!

HODL Staking: Fantastic Results!

Staking Cryptocurrency

The first $HODL staking pools have gone live on the EarnYourCrypto platform, with fantastic results. Nearly 100,000 HODL Games tokens have been staked in less than two weeks!

On EarnYourCrypto.com are 2 pools currently live where users can earn up to 30% APY. The highest rewarding pool is only available for EarnYourCrypto PRO-users.

Bulletstar Classic Replaces Bulletcoin for $HODL


One of the oldest Dutch browser-based crime games will start a new season in August, and what will be great about this season is the introduction of the HODL Games token.

Bulletstar Classic will replace its digital currency “Bulletcoin” for HODL Games ($HODL) tokens. It will therefore be possible for players to earn, deposit, or transfer HODL to another wallet.

Buy HODL Games ($HODL) on Pancakeswap

Click here to buy HODL on Pancakeswap. Make sure that you have slippage set at 10%, otherwise your transaction will fail.

Click here for a tutorial on how to buy $hodl on PancakeSwap.

Join the HODL Games community on Telegram

Join the conversation about HODL Games on Telegram: https://t.me/hodl_official



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