HODL Games Token: Tokenomics and Token Utility

This post discusses how the HODL Games token will be allocated and what it can be used for. Read more about the HODL Games token here and check out the HODL founders and white paper.

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  1. Referral system
    Every HODLer user will have the opportunity to create referral links. This will allow users of the games to share referral links of their favorite games with friends, family, and other gamers or cryptocurrency enthusiasts. This incentives both established members of the community to share and promote HODL Games.
  2. Advertising
    HODLers will be able to buy advertising space with their own HODL Games tokens on our in-house HODL Advertising Platform. To purchase advertising space, the necessary HODL Games tokens will be sent to our marketing wallet. This means that tokens issued for advertising will be sent to a special address and the proceeds will be used for marketing activities, giveaways and partnerships for HODL Brands.
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