HODL Games Enables Crypto Payments On 3 Games, Re-Invests Profits Into $HODL

As of today, it is possible to pay on a number of HODL Games with cryptocurrencies. Players can purchase a premium account, diamonds, or other in-game currency using Bitcoin, BNB, or Ethereum.

BOEF.nl — Now Accepting BTC, BNB, ETH

Price Impact for $HODL

The income from these purchases will be invested weekly in HODL Games’s native token $HODL. This will make it even more attractive to invest in the HODL Games.

We expect this to be especially impactful once we release our international games (gangsters.com, coinleone.com, daddy69.com). It is currently enabled on the Dutch games BOEF.nl, BOEFSteenrijk.nl and BulletstarClassic.nl.

Buy HODL Games ($HODL) on Pancakeswap

If you want to buy $HODL on Pancakeswap, please click this link.

Make sure that you have slippage set at 10%, otherwise your transaction will fail. Click here for a tutorial on how to buy $hodl on PancakeSwap.



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