HODL Games ceases trading of $HODL Token & Development of $HODL.

With immediate effect, trading of $HODL tokens has been halted. This drastic choice has been made, as we will be replacing $HODL with a new token.

Our new token has no token tax, which makes it much more interesting for traders to trade. In addition, a token tax such as $HODL has turned out to be super annoying in practice, especially with games.

HODL Games

EarnYourCrypto.com is shutting down! 🔒

We have decided to cease the activities of EarnYourCrypto.com with immediate effect. Soon, EarnYourCrypto.com users will receive an email from HODL Games containing more information about the launch of our new, innovative mining project. The token balances that users have on EarnYourCrypto will therefore be converted to the new platform, with the new token.

What’s next for HODL Games? 🧐

In the upcoming days we will release more information about our new token and plans. Stay tuned!

Investors who have invested in $HODL will be airdropped new tokens after our new token is stable.

If you’ve got questions or want to learn more, please join our Discord server: https://discord.gg/dw9Gxk2jgN



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