HODL Games token $HODL is now listed on Flooz.Trade! You can now swap your tokens on Flooz for $HODL.

On Flooz.Trade you only have to connect your wallet and you can swap your tokens. You don’t have to indicate the slippage because Flooz.Trade does this for you automatically. This is super handy!

We are proud to announce that HODL Games token is now listed on the exchange Tokpie! You can trade HODL on the pair HODL/BNB.

Tokpie.com Exchange X HODL Games ($HODL)

In the past few weeks we have launched on PancakeSwap and Flooz.Trade, and now also on a CEX: Tokpie. This exchange is still relatively unknown but definitely worth a look.

If you want to learn more about Tokpie and HODL Games token, please read this article: https://tokpie.io/blog/hodl-games/

About Tokpie
Tokpie is the First Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform with Bounty Stakes Trading. Earn, trade, and invest as never before!

HODL Shop, part of HODL Inc. has acquired the domain name BeHODL.com, with the associated trademarks and social media accounts of the German company HODL GmbH.

HODL GmbH will no longer be operating after this acquisition. The team behind HODL Inc. will do a lot of research in the coming months into products that meet our quality standards, and we will eventually sell them through the official HODL webshop at hodl.shop.

The name BeHODL.com will no longer be used for a webshop. In the future, BeHODL.com will be released as a cryptocurrency platform.

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